Meditation with Children

Children love to meditate. Madeline Simon has described children as “born contemplatives” suggesting that children take to meditation “like ducks to water.” John Main says that meditation opens the human heart and that this is as natural as the opening of a flower.  To teach meditation to children is to give them a gift for life. Typically children meditate for one minute per of age.

      In November 2012 we began to promote the practice of silent meditation with children as recovered by John Main. Our initial efforts focused on introducing the practice to primary schools across Ireland, on a whole-school basis. Five years later, in November 2017, there were 150 schools participating in the project and 35,000 children meditating on a whole-school basis.

      We offer free in-service training to primary schools, without obligation. To find out more about this free offer, please download our information leaflet by clicking on the appropriate image below. If you wish to apply for the free training, please download the application form by clicking on the relevant image below.


      When we receive an application we will contact the school to arrange a date for a two-hour workshop/in-service session which normally takes place after school during what are known as 'Croke Park hours.' The inservice explains clearly what is involved and how simple and cost-free the process is. It explores the growth of mindfulness and meditation across the world today and outlines the practical benefits that flow from it for adults and children alike.

      In addition, it explores the deep inner fruits of meditation that lead to human flourishing and more compassionate, responsive living. We also play a short video showing the practice in action in a school. And, finally, we facilitate the staff in exploring the feasibility of introducing the practice to their school. As noted, the inservice is offered without obligation, but schools are asked to decide during the inservice whether or not they wish to introduce the practice for a trial period. We provide a 'Starter Pack' for schools that join the project and we offer a range of free resources through this website.


For further information or to volunteer to assist with the pilot project, contact Dr Noel Keating who acts as Coordinator for Meditation with Children for Christian Meditation Ireland or Mrs. Maura McKinney who promotes the practice of meditation with children in Northern Ireland. Noel may also be contacted on +353872251183. Noel Keating & Maura McKinney are members of the Board (National Executive) of Christian Meditation Ireland.    

Noel's doctoral research explored the child's experience of meditation. 

He has written a book for teachers and parents to deepen their awareness of the innate spirituality of children and to show how to teach meditation to children.

The book, which is published by Veritas (Dublin) is now available both as a print book and in Kindle format. 

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