Lesson Plans (Updated)

Introducing Meditation to Children 

We have prepared lesson plans for introducing the practice to the children, step-by-step. We suggest that this should be done over a series of steps, beginning very simply and revealing, over time, how deeply meaningful the practice can be. The lessons are based on the research carried out by Noel Keating, who has interviewed over 70 children, over two-half-hour conversations each, three weeks apart.

The lessons are presented in a deliberate sequence:  Lesson 1 introduces the children to meditation as a universal practice in all its simplicity – the focus is on doing it. Lesson 2 introduces the children to the benefits of meditation as children describe them and Lesson 3 explores the deeper, spiritual fruits of the practice as children describe them and refers also to meditation in the Christian tradition. The intention is to allow a period of several weeks – even a month - between the lessons, so that the children have an opportunity to really tune in to their personal experience of the practice, and its benefits and fruits.

Lesson 1 is presented in a way that allows you, if you wish, to follow it verbatim. It will, of course, need to be adapted somewhat to suit the ages of the children in your care, but it has been delivered very successfully to children aged 5 to 12 years old. Lessons 2 and 3, which follow Lesson 1, are not presented in that verbatim style but as a series of discussion points which you can use as the basis for those lessons. While the three lessons are available on this private page on our website they are not at this time intended for public dissemination and teachers are courteously requested to respect that distinction.

Lessons 2 and 3 may be broken up into four shorter lessons each if desired. Or the four themes in each of those lessons might be returned to every now and then and considered separately as a reminder of the benefits and deep fruits that can flow from the practice. You may like to develop your own ‘lessons’ and, if you do, Noel would love to hear from you at meditationandchildren@gmail.com