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Groups of meditators meet in towns and villages all over Ireland. This creates opportunities for those who meditate regularly to meet with others who do likewise. There is no business transacted at meetings - the group meets to meditate together and may incorporate a short talk on meditation from a CD by Fr. John Main or Fr. Laurence Freeman or others prior to the meditation.

Groups also provide an opportunity for those who are new to the practice and wish to consider adopting it to find out more in a friendly, easy-going manner.

The Excel Files below contain lists of the meditation groups in Ireland. They are divided into four groups as indicated by the headings below. Just click on the file you want to open it. You can save the file by right-clicking and choosing the relevant option e.g. Save file as or Save target as.

Meditation Groups in Dublin City & County                                                                          

Meditation Groups in Cork City & County

Meditation Groups in Northern Ireland

Meditation Groups in the Rest of Ireland            


If you have trouble accessing these files or if you are a group leader who wishes to make change any details, please contact